Turning Trash into Treasure
Corporate Disposal into Social Renewal

About Us

CFCCAbout Us

Our Mission

Turning trash into treasure, Corporations for Community Connections (CFCC) takes old corporate PCs and refurbishes them for charitable donation. Our contributing corporations secure erase their PCs prior to disposal. CFCC volunteers physically inspect the PCs and sort out those PCs which are suitable for refurbishment. Volunteers create model specific images of licensed software, and load these images onto the selected PCs. In refurbishment workshops, volunteers physically inspect and clean the PCs, before activating the software, and performing quality checks. Finally, documentation and packaging are completed, and the refurbished PCs are shipped off to charitable agencies. CFCC supports the United Nations Millenium Development goals by supporting access to technology and communications.

Our History

Founded in 2010, Corporations For Community Connections, Inc. (CFCC) is a registered charity whose purpose is to refurbish decommissioned corporate computers for donation. To date, CFCC has refurbished nearly 900 computers for donation to 28 charitable organizations serving over 7000 people. CFCC encourages corporations to adopt refurbishment as a cost effective, socially and environmentally responsible disposal alternative for computers.