Turning Trash into Treasure
Corporate Disposal into Social Renewal

Become a Contributor

CFCCBecome a Contributor

The PC refurbishment and donation process

Developed by Corporations For Community Connections, has been proven to be easily adopted by organizations with:

  • a substantial quantity (>100) PCs, of the same model, being discarded each year.

  • their own imaging capability

  • 20 to 30 volunteers willing to offer 8-16 hours per year (30 volunteers can refurbish 130 PCs in 8 hours)



The benefits of becoming a contributor include:

  • The reduction in corporate taxes may exceed the value derived from other means of disposal.

  • The process is environmentally responsible due to the extension to the useful life of the PCs

  • The process is an excellent corporate citizenship initiative, developing the work force and developing markets


Steps to Becoming a Contributor:

  • Contact CFCC

  • Tell us about your organization

  • Participate in a CFCC workshop

  • Adopt the process